In my career I have engineered solutions of hardware, software, and of the many grey areas in between. I can affirm that there are many right ways to be an engineer as I have worked with many great ones. A great engineer, like any great person, is defined by their values, and the aptitudes that those values lead them to develop.

To define the type of engineer that I am, my highest values are ingenuity, adaptability, and accountability. These are the principals that have shaped my skills, and guided my decisions as a professional.


Whether you are a junior engineer…

Writing Tests on Rails Is Easy

If you’re like me, you love writing code. You could do it for hours a day every day, and feel like you’re living your best life, but what about writing tests for your code? Did you just cringe a little at the sheer mention of it? It’s ok if you did. I do some times too. We know that tests can save us a lot time when we come back to refactor or add features, but sometimes the process of writing them can feel so tedious. …

Macro Programming Made Simple

When I first encountered macros in Ruby, I thought, this is simple enough to use, but it must require some kind of wizardry to actually write a macro of my own. Later, I came back to the subject with a determination to unravel its mysteries. It turns out, writing one isn’t that hard, but it requires an understanding of something that you might not use on a regular basis. The process of writing a macro hinges on the ability to dynamically define and call methods and variables. To demonstrate this, I’ll walk you through rebuilding a few macros that Rubyists…

A Guide

If you’re a Ruby developer, or even if you’ve only casually toyed with Ruby on Rails, you’ve probably used the byebug gem to debug your code. If you haven’t, you should certainly read on; you have a lot to gain here, but even if you have used byebug, are you taking full advantage of its commands and features? If you’re unsure, this article was written with you in mind.

Is Byebug Just a REPL?

The quick answer is no, but if we’re going to talk about how byebug is more than just a REPL, first we must make sure we’re clear on what a REPL…

Improving Your Coding Experience by Customizing Your Environment

Coding is all about breaking big problems down into little ones, and solving them one by one, but what about all the little things you could do before you even write your first line of code? Whether you are new to coding, or just looking for things you can do to improve the way you practice your craft, the tips in this article are designed to improve your efficiency and make you happier.


Ok, let’s start by making some assumptions. I’m going to assume you’re working on a Mac. If you’re using a PC, some of these tips may still…

Arthur Torres

I'm a former infrastructure engineers specializing in enterprise virtualization platforms, turned software engineer to follow my passion. Do what you love!

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